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Nurturing Achievement: Growing and learning together

Welcome to Battyeford CE (VC) Primary

"Pupils are polite, interested and curious about the world around them. Pupils quickly develop key values such as respect, tolerance and resilience..............The curriculum is very stimulating and enhanced with specialist teaching. Pupils’ work in the creative arts is exceptional." OFSTED 2015

Meet the Governors

This has always been a happy, creative, high-achieving school, and especially so at present.  We are fortunate in having an excellent staff and headteacher who all work hard in their various roles, each contributing towards the education of every child.


The job of the Chair is to lead the governing body and co-ordinate their work, as well as chairing meetings and liaising closely with the Headteacher.  The governing body meets once per half term, and there are governor committees which meet for specific purposes, eg. finance.  The agenda and minutes of the full governing body meetings are public documents, available by request from school.  Governors frequently attend training courses and network meetings with the Local Authority and governors from other schools.  How they do their job affects the interests of our children, staff morale and how the school is seen by parents and others.  

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Declarations of Interest


All governors are required to declare any interests on an annual basis. Where there is no interest to declare, a 'Nil Return' is provided. We are required to provide details of any declarations.


2015 / 2016: One declaration of interest. Fraser Clark: Family member is employed by school as the Business Manager.

2016 / 2017: No declarations of interest.


Minutes of Governors Meetings With Attendance Records



The Role of the Governors


The governors’ main role is to help raise standards of achievement, working with the headteacher to promote effective ways of teaching and learning while setting the school aims and policies.  They are all unpaid volunteers. 



  • are accountable for the performance of the school to parents, Ofsted and the wider community
  • plan the school's future direction
  • provide challenge and support to the headteacher and staff
  • monitor the impact of policies and oversee school budgets and staffing
  • make sure the national curriculum is taught
  • help to decide how the school can encourage children's spiritual, moral and social development
  • make sure the school provides for all its children, including those with special needs


Most governors serve for 4 years.  Battyeford Primary has 16 governors including the headteacher.  Governors represent different groups.  At present we have:- 

  • 6 parents, elected by all the parents of children currently in school
  • 1 staff governor, elected by the staff
  • The headteacher, unelected
  • 2 foundation governors, appointed by Christ the King church
  • Rev. McClean, vicar of Christ the King church, unelected
  • 1 Local Authority governor appointed by Kirklees
  • 4 co-opted governor roles which allow the governing body to recruit for specific skills


The Chair can be contacted via the school.

Roles, Responsibilities and our Committee Structure