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REACH for the stars and beyond. Together, with God's love, we can dream, believe and achieve

Welcome to Battyeford CE (VC) Primary

"Do everything without grumbling or arguing... then you shine among them like stars in the sky!' (Philippians 2: 14-15)

Battyeford School Council

At the start of each year, two children in each class from Y1 to Y6 are chosen by their classmates to be their school council representatives. They show that they would be good representatives for the role by preparing a presentation for their classmates before the class apply democratic values and vote for the best candidates. This is a very rewarding experience for those children involved and great practise for adult life!


At the first meeting, the children separate into 4 sub-committees where their role will be focused for the rest of the year. The committees are led by 2 members of staff and meeting every half term to discuss ideas and opinions. The sub committees are:

  • Collective Worship (Mrs Croisdale and Mrs Burkinshaw)
  • Growth Mindset (Mrs Arkless and Mrs Deane)
  • Fundraising (Mrs Halstead)
  • Playground (Miss Pearson)


By working in smaller groups, the council ensure that tasks are shared out and that everyone's voice is heard.