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"Do everything without grumbling or arguing... then you shine among them like stars in the sky!' (Philippians 2: 14-15).

Prince Twins Seven Seven

In the Summer term Year 2 have been learning about the late artist Prince Twins Seven Seven. His life story is fascinating and the children have been really hooked in to their learning based on his life and work. It is said that he was the only surviving child out of seven sets of twins. Originally from Nigeria he created work inspired by the Yoruba culture and was a key African contemporary artist. Twins Seven Seven moved to the USA and ended up living in the streets of Philadelphia before he was discovered by the Philadelphia art gallery curator who took him under his wing and aided his return to the contemporary art world. Prince Twins Seven Seven became the UNESCO world artist for Peace.


The children have looked carefully at his highly decorative artwork and have worked in groups to create polystyrene press prints that have formed a textural base for mark making within images inspired by his work. Take a look at our work so far…