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Nurturing Achievement: Growing and learning together

Welcome to Battyeford CE (VC) Primary

Expectations for pupils’ behaviour and conduct are consistently high.Lessons are focused and this is reflected in pupils’ good attitudes to learning. Pupils are proud of their school and are courteous and confident to engage in conversation. They listen well to adults and their peers, and show respect for the views of others. Attainment at the end of key stage 1 has been consistently good for the last three years and has steadily increased in KS2 and is now above the national average in reading, writing and mathematics. Ofsted 2017

Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs

The SEN & Inclusion


We are committed to being a fully inclusive school we provide an environment where all children are valued and offered the best education possible, regardless of race, age, gender, disability or ability. We believe that all children are special and have different needs.  We aim to provide for these needs effectively, as a natural part of the planned life in the school, by offering a broad and well-balanced education.


The School Offer & Kirklees Offer

Supporting Pupils with Additional Needs

School Offer - Supporting Pupils With SEND

Supporting Families within the School Community


As a school, we believe that supporting families through difficult times is vital to the child’s health, mental wellbeing and success at school. All staff are here for you and your child at times when you may require extra support to help them in the following areas:

  • The child's developmental needs;
  • The parents' or caregivers' capacity to respond appropriately to those needs; and
  • The wider family and environmental factors.


Senior Leaders will work alongside family members to identify needs and target appropriate support. This could be either short or long term intervention work from a range of outside agencies. Any parents who are experiencing family difficulties are welcome to come and share their concerns with an appropriate member of staff.


Early Help Support is a tool used by staff to:

· help in the early identification of needs;

· lead to co-ordinated provision of services;

· promote information sharing and avoid the duplication of assessments;

· reduce the need for children and their families to re-tell their story to different practitioners.

Kirklees Support for Parents


About the Kirklees Information Advice and Support Service (KIAS)

It is a statutory service provided at an arms’ length from Kirklees Local Authority (LA) and is based in Dewsbury Town Hall, Dewsbury. The service is free and totally confidential and is about parents and education.

· They offer support young people and parents and carers of children who have already been identified as having special educational needs.

· They also support any parents or carers who are concerned that their child may have special educational needs.

· They work with all individuals and services involved.


Contact Info:

01484 225422