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Nurturing Achievement: Growing and learning together

Welcome to Battyeford CE (VC) Primary

Our Battyeford Vision Statement : Our vision for our children is that they will become Responsible, Empathetic, Aspirational, Confident and Happy. We encourage them all to "REACH for the stars and beyond. Together, with God’s love, we can dream, believe and achieve."

Supporting Pupils with Sports Funding

Sports Premium Funding

Supporting Pupils


The government has given every primary school funding to develop physical education and competitive sport. At Battyeford Primary School, we have received £19660 from the government for Sport Premium Funding. With this money, we have bought services from the Pennine Sports Partnership with the long term aim of providing outstanding teaching and learning of physical education for all. 


Battyeford Primary uses their annual sports premium funding to buy into the Pennine Sports Partnership. By joining the partnership, Battyeford Primary has lots of sporting opportunities available to sign up to. We are also very lucky to have Steve Goodall working closely with teachers and pupils throughout the year.

Steve Goodall has worked for the Pennine Sports Partnership for a number of years. He is currently the coordinator for the Mirfield family of schools. His main role is to organise sporting events for KS1 and KS2. These events normally take place at local primary schools and MFG. Such events include; kwik cricket, basketball and cross- country.

Mr Goodall also delivers Sports Premium teaching. He works alongside staff as part of their CPD to increase teacher confidence with regards to the delivery of physical education and active learning.

Each pupil at Battyeford Primary School has always given great feedback from the work that the Pennine staff continue to provide to us. Many children have commented on their own continued love for sport and the fun that comes with it. We intend to continue to be part of the Sports Partnership for many years to come.

Sports Premium Expenditure and Impact 2020-2021

Sports Premium Expenditure and Impact 2019-2020

Swimming Statistics 2018-2019

Sports Premium Expenditure and Impact 2017 - 2018

Sports Premium Expenditure and Impact 2016 - 2017

Percentage of children involved in extra-curricular sporting activities 2016 - 2017

Our School Games Blog


Here, pupils at Battyeford write about the exciting sports events they have participated in. They love to share their experiences and encourage others to become involved.